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ALFA LAVAL PARMA - Aseptic Technology

ALFA LAVAL PARMA is a small but very efficient company founded in 1986 by technicians with a long experience in the preserved food industry and specially with a solid know how in aseptic technology.
The firm is located in Parma, in the heart of the "Food Valley", and is composed by a staff of qualified technicians that combining competence and creativity, can satisfy the needs of the most demanding Customers also with "tailor made" plants.

The advanced technical solutions, the reliablity of our productions installed all over the world and finally the synergy with its head office, has allowed us fast growth in sales and notoriety of the ASTEPO brand in the national and export market, specially in:

  • Thermal food processing – pasteurizing, continuous cooking, sterilizing.
  • Packing – volumetric filling, ultraclean filling, aseptic filling, particularly of flexible bags.
  • Aseptic lines - complete turn-key plants for food products in flexible packages from 1 to 1000 lt.

ALFA LAVAL SpA- Via Botteri, 13/A - 43122 Parma - Italy
Tel. +39 0521 302811 - Fax: +39 0521 302812